AHHH I made a blog lol

Hello everyone or anyone who reads this. I decided to start a blog on one of my 5 passions. FASHION!!!!!  Ok, I myself do not have a lick of it when it comes to me dressing myself. maybe its cause I’m busy, a tad lazy, and/or I look like shizz in everything! LOL BUT, I think I have a pretty good eye when it comes to everyone else. I may not high roll it in designer digs, but I am pretty great at cheap nock offs or look alike lol. I am not the best at writing so this is about the best you’re getting lol…..

What I really am sticking to our outfits that anyone could wear and mimicking celebrity style for cheaper/less! I will post my pic and maybe try to explain them a bit. Most of my outfits that are not celeb looks are actual outfits I own part of or most of, or even have similar to but I dont wear alot of it cause my life if work (blah) and kiddos….

eEt me know if you come up with a look you wanna see, I’m always down to help out!!!!

Happy Hump day BTW lol


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